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Did you know that 97% of pills created to lower blood sugar naturally DO NOT WORK?

Hard to imagine? Our research shows that most of the supplements sold to lower blood sugar are not effective and do not include any ingredients proven to lower blood sugar naturally. Although pharmaceutical products like Metformin, Avandia, Actos, Januvia and insulin are highly effective, each product can cost up to $180 monthly and have dangerous side effects.

The good news is that there are natural supplements that exist that actually do have clinical data proving that they can assist in supporting healthy blood sugars. Like little known effective weight loss pills, these blood sugar support products are not popular or “as seen on tv”.

Our research looks solely on the effectiveness of ingredients tin each product, the clinical data provided, price and reputation of the website.


Glucozine by Vimulti is an all natural product designed to lower blood sugar naturally without a prescription. Glucozine lowers blood sugar naturally by utilizing clinically proven ingredients such as chromium and cinnamon to combat elevated blood sugars. If you have tried prescription products such as Metformin and discontinued use due to side effects, natural blood sugar lowering products such as Glucozine may be a good alternative. Glucozine has other key ingredients which help support healthy blood sugars as well as cholesterol. Glucozine has our recommendation as they offer full customer service, money back guarantees and do not force customers to sign up to an autoship program which is designed to rip you off. As with all natural treatments for elevated blood sugars, consult your doctor before starting any supplementation with natural blood sugar lowering products.


Bydureon: New Product Review

Bydureon is the latest product on the market to lower blood sugar. Bydureon belongs to the class of incretins known as GLP-1 Inhibitors. Bydureon lowers blood sugar by telling the pancreas to secrete insulin to help with glucose disposal. Bydureon helps reduce blood sugar by also shutting of glucose production by the liver during mealtime. Other products in the GlP-1 class are Byetta and Victoza. All three of these drugs lower glucose the same way but each offers different dosing options. Bydureon is dosed once a week and has similar efficacy to that of Victoza. Although Bydureon is very effective at lowering blood glucose in type 2 diabetics, this class of drug has lingering questions about increased risk of pancreatitis as well as links to forms of cancers observed in mice. For patients who are afraid of needles or the risk associated with this class of blood glucose lowering agents, natural glucose lowering agents such as Glucozine may be a viable option to try first.